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2024: January

We were delighted to have a wonderful team meeting with the NOW CR teaching staff, assistants and drivers.  We are thankful that those we have raised up over the last few years are now in a position to be hired as the hands and feet for upcoming groups.  Students are very engaged in activities on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays.  We are thankful for the local support team the Lord has mobilized here this season.

Tracey and Kevin Craig, who have supported NOW CR in the past brought their own mission team from Pennsylvania. They were kind enough to invite our son, River, along to their field day event and he was helpful in translating and encouraging the participants. The team donated wonderful Spanish study bibles for our NOW CR girls, which they are excited to receive!

Groups have started back in the last two weeks.  We have had 15-20 girls on the land the last few Saturdays to begin launching our next series.  There is a younger girls group meeting in the mornings that Brooke started discipling last year.  They will start “Every Young Woman’s Battle” next week and are working through bible memorization in their new bibles. 

The older girls are reading through the book of John while also working to strengthen their English.  Sofia is teaching them twice a month and we have girls in both level one and level two english.  This class is in high demand and full.  Please pray we have capacity to host more classes for more students in the coming seasons.

Volleyball will start back up February 17th.  Averie from Ocean’s Edge has so kindly volunteered to continue what Brooke started.  Their first session will be about team building and Godly sportsmanship and then various mission teams in weeks to come will bring a message for the athletes to hear after practice each session. We are thankful for Averie and Horizon church’s volleyball court to carry on the work Brooke started.

Christian’s boys group will start again Feb 12th.  Many of our boys were sent back to Nicaragua to visit family over the Christmas break.  Here schools are out of session from mid-December to early February, so there haven’t been enough boys to gather just yet, but in just a few weeks they will be together again, starting “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge.  Thank you for praying for them.

Please pray for the community of The Parcellas.  It is the Nicaraguan squatter village located

within walking distance to our home.  It is by far the lowest income community and most vulnerable seeing as many parents have limited access to employment and visas.  These families are the most at risk for entering the sex trade, drug ring and street life.  A recent drug lord was arrested last week for shooting and killing an officer and wounding two others.  This occurred in the early morning hours last Thursday and shook quite a few of our families.  Several other young teen boys were arrested for questioning and then released.  We are thankful they were able to capture the gang leader, but this was a blatant reminder of the continued work that needs to carry on.  Pray for our students who come from Las Parcellas and our impact in their lives to focus on Godly living and dignified career options.

Upcoming Events & Prayer Needs:

We will have a Girls Perfect Attendance rewards day Feb 17th at a new supporters home in Cuidad de Mar.  We are excited to use her property to show the girls that hard work does pay off and we can delight in the beauty of the Lord and his supporters together.  There is pickleball, swimming, tennis and soccer fields there.  We will cook spaghetti together and just enjoy some fun in the sun.  

Our beloved friends Steve and Deanne Barstow are coming March 4th for a 10-day visit.  Deanne is a nurse lactation consultant and is bringing a hospital grade breast pump to donate to the prenatal center at Horizon Church.  We are thankful for the opportunity to teach new moms about the importance of breastfeeding their babies and for this machine which can assist in clots moms may have in preventing or aiding with mastitis. Steve is a retired Navy chaplain and will spend some time with Pepper’s team arriving that same day with his work at Freedom Alliance.  We are thankful for this pair.  They have been so supportive of our children, married life and mission.  They are dear mentors to us and we know their visit will bring us great restored energy.

Plans are underway for our Mananass Baptist Church Mission team coming March 22-29.  The team is finalizing projects and plans but will host a youth rally at Pumillio combined with a few work days on the property.  They will feed the homeless, assist with children’s programming at Horizon Church and much more.  Please pray for John & Greta Dunn, Mark & Caleb Bazill, Martha & Darci Bagnell & Megan Downey as they prepare their hearts for a week of missions here on the ground.

We continue to seek your prayers for Jordanna’s health.  Upon return to Costa Rica our family all had a bad bout of flu, which for Jordanna’s compromised immune system, hit her the hardest. And recently Jordanna has been suffering intestinal problems and potential parasites.  Please pray that her gut can be restored and her health over all will be renewed.  God goes before all things so we rest in His peace but full restoration is still a nightly prayer in the Ailor household for Jordanna.  Please continue to pray alongside us and thank you for your continued messages that you are praying!

In February we hope to begin preparing the land for the mulituso project.  We have about ⅓ of what we need to build the facility.  If you know of any organizations or churches who would like to hear more about our work or you want to bring a team who can fundraise for a portion of the supplies for the facility, we welcome any and all partnerships.  It is our hope that this time next year our students will be able to enjoy the mulituso property, feeding children, enjoying sports and most importantly sharing the gospel.  Thank you for your love and care.  May God bless you in this season.


Jordanna, fam & team

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