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Take a deeper look at the construction and development of the land, retaining wall and security fence as we prepare for the next building phase.

As of 2023, we have purchased a peice of land in Herradura, hosted an intern for an entire year, and have a vision for even more!  Please consider giving to our vision for an educational center.

In its second year, NOW Costa Rica reached new communities including Cristo Rey and deepened its relationship with the students in Agueras.  A boys group was launched and students began to grow deeper in their faith.  The vision for an educational center was born and fundraising began to secure land.

A year after launching our girls program, students and mothers speak about the work of NOW Costa Rica in their personal lives.  During this year, many chose to walk the waters of baptism and bring their marriages under the authority of God by faithfully taking the vow and promise of matrimony.

Take a look at our first video sharing the initial vision for NOW Costa Rica where Jordanna shares her heart about reaching the people of Herradura.  September 2020 we began our journey changing lives and combating the lure of the sex trade.

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