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Offer the gift of Christian Love in a "Pura Vida" culture.


Costa Rica is a top vacation destination for Americans because of its beauty, friendly people, and the relatively cheaper cost for a tropical destination.  Every tourist that comes here walks away learning the phrase “Pura Vida” which in Spanish means pure life.  As Christians we know living a pure life is more than having a vacation attitude, but rather a life lived abundantly through Christ. After witnessing the culture first hand, God opened our eyes to areas of hardship.  Beyond poverty and the lack of Christian engagement, the most troubling social issue is the perpetuating cycle of young people entering the sex trade industry.  Neighbors Outreach Worldwide Costa Rica aims to break this cycle by investing in mothers and children of this next generation, teaching them they are made for a purpose and in the image of God.

A REEL DIFFERENCE is a program initiated by Justin DeBoom and Captain Brandon Walton who fish out of Los Sueños Resort & Marina.  During the economic devastation to tourism caused by the season of COVID in Costa Rica, they decided to structure a way to donate fresh-caught fish to hungry families in the area.  We are proud to have adopted the program until its becomes its own charitable entity.


Third Culture Kids are children of families to whom culture has become somewhat of a divisive variable.  This could be an American child being raised here in Costa Rica, or children of bilingual families trying to find their “true citizenship”.  TCKs are a great community to empower around the concept of our Citizenship In Heaven and can be an integral part in volunteering to help bring children out of poverty.  NOW Costa Rica hopes to form a TCK club at Horizon Church to help create change in this community's next generation of native and expatriate believers.  Identifying and teaching around concepts of Culture Stress and the stages of culture shock can help “level the playing field” whilst organizing mutually beneficial field day experiences for the village of Herradura.


The village of Herradura has ample space and opportunity to host field days.  This particular village has a large absence of the gospel with one catholic church and an infrequently rotating priest to provide discipleship.  Hosting routine field days for the children will give them an opportunity to be active, connect to other Christian children from Horizon Church and be blessed by mission teams who come to share the gospel.


NOW Costa Rica plans to connect with the needs of the Herradura community by holding a Women’s Bible Study Group. In this gathering, women will be encouraged to share concerns, desires, interests and needs for their families and children which could potentially be supported by future mission teams via various education related projects, all while learning the valuable lessons of God’s love.


Teams and families are invited to come support the efforts of NOW Costa Rica in a variety of ways that are not limited to but can include:

  • Field Day VBS experience in Herradura village

  • Village wide Trash Pick Up Days with Fellowship Meal 

  • Cross Cultural Sessions with mothers of Village Bible Study group 

  • Literacy Support for Herradura school providing resources, books, educational tools and English lessons to elementary students.

  • Awareness Training around prenatal misconceptions, nutrition, childbirth and parenting, especially as it connects to the efforts of the PreNatal Center in Jaco, a center under the direction of Beautiful Feet International.

  • Loving and honoring the orphans of Residencia de Vida by supporting their monthly birthday bashes and bringing resources to the children.

  • And other projects that are inspired by mission teams themselves


Projects listed in green coincide with the current vision/mission of NOW Costa Rica and can be organized for no additional cost.  Partnership with outside organizations may result in an added fee to the mission team.


Located in Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica, NOW CR focuses much of its efforts in the towns of Herradura and Jaco partnering with already existing organizations such as Horizon Church, to show God’s love.

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