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2024: April

Happy Spring!  We hope this finds you well as you wrap up another school year and brace for summer.  We are delighted to just be weeks away from our trip back to the states.  So many of you have asked how you can support our stay in Virginia.  Here are some ways:

  • Pray for travel mercies, health and divine interventions for supporters.

  • Attend our Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser if in the Tappahannock area June 22nd at Beale

  • Send gift cards for meals and gas as we travel to many churches to share about our work

    • Annadale Baptist Presentation

    • Manassas Baptist Presentation & Fundraiser

    • The Porch in Goochland Presentation & Team Meeting

    • Pope’s Creek Baptist Team Meeting

    • Howerton’s Baptist Church Team Meeting

  • Invite friends to your home for coffee and sharing time where Jordanna can present about upcoming needs for this season of our work.

April was a busy month full of weekend ministry and our lovely visit from our very own Nana!  We were so thankful to have several great ministry days of lessons, bible studies and classes.  We consistently have new students join us and see the impact of our ministry on now more than 50 families.  We are so thankful for your ongoing support.

We have received the permits from the local government to start the work on the Multi Uso project.  Even though we are only 30% funded, we believe the Lord is guiding us to take a leap of faith and begin preparing the land and foundation before the big rains come.  Our engineer and lead builders Dany, Paulino and Juan met yesterday to begin measurements, plans and ordering of first materials. Praise God for breaking ground on another phase.

As you may know, Jordanna's husband Pepper is a photographer and has been helping our family's finances by taking on jobs capturing fishing tournaments in our area. TACO Comfort Solutions held a corporate event and fishing tournament at Los Suenos Resort and chose NOW CR as the beneficiary of their program! On the final night, they invited us on stage to receive a very generous donation.  Thank you and all our supporters for your investments! 

We are working hard to finalize our student handbook which will launch in August.  Students will continue with reproductive health lessons, English classes and older girls will read “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldgedge.  The boys group is in the middle of reading “Wild at Heart '' the boys equivalent.  Of course our teaching team and students always appreciate your prayers.  We know your prayers are what truly sustain us as we navigate this work, be it inside the homes, on the volleyball court or in class. Your prayers move us forward with the strength of our Lord Jesus.

If you have wanted a tangible way to support in giving a one time gift, we have a group of girls who have qualified for a rewards trip to a nearby water park.  They have been working hard to memorize scripture, complete homework assignments and show up to class on time and ready to learn.  We would like to show these girls that their work ethic and dedication pays off.  There is a water park just 40 minutes away that many girls have heard of and always wanted to go. The dozen or so students who qualify would like to go June 1st but the cost of the trip would be $350 for the transport, tickets and sack lunch.  If you would like to sponsor this day for our girls, we would love it.  Perhaps we could call you to say thank you!  

We covet your prayers this season specifically for Jordanna as she seems to continue to have days of tiredness post Mono.  She will seek ongoing treatment in her trip to Virginia with hopes of restored health by the fall.  The Lord has blessed us with several great teams coming and Jordanna is praying believing her energy will be restored by this time.  Join us in that affirming prayer, for Jordanna, family and impact in Herradura.  Blessings to you and yours at this time.  Reach out and share your update when you can.  Let us know if we can schedule a visit during our stay June 19 - July 28.  Blessings!

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