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2024: February

Greetings and Happy Almost Spring,

We are in the midst of the dry season here, thirsty for rain but thankful for sunsets.  It’s also the high season for tourism so we are busy and the town is bursting at the seams with tourists.  Of course we are thankful for those who come to see the majestic beauty this country has to offer, the eco-tourism and the lovely ministries that exist.  We still cringe when we see the bachelor parties coming in by the droves and girls on the streets being purchased.  We are praying and believing that in our lifetime we may see a change with this next generation.  Thanks for playing your part by investing in NOW Costa Rica students and families.

Our groups have been up and running for many weeks now.  The girls are getting in a grove again with routines around Saturday programming. Sofia and her teaching assistants, Merary & Doneira, are doing a great job.  Younger girls are focusing on bible memorization and reproductive health lessons and older girls working through the book of John and English lessons.  They are earning points in their sessions, be it for classes here on the land or when they attend volleyball sessions, youth group or Awana.  Points earned have allowed them to join fun days throughout various seasons including this swim and spaghetti day with a recent new supporter Andrea.  Five girls who had perfect attendance and great homework were able to enjoy a day of fun Andrea and her family. 

Next week a different set of girls will get to learn how to make sourdough bread with our dear friends Deanne and Steve Barstow who arrive on Monday.  Please pray for their sessions with our students and also the mothers of the prenatal center.  Deanne is bringing a hospital grade breast pump to assist mothers with mastitis or clots while nursing and she will provide a session to pregnant moms about the benefits of breastfeeding at the church.  We are so thankful that they are able to come and see life here.  They had planned this trip in 2020 but of course we know that year changed all of our travel plans.  So delighted to see what the Lord will do through the Barstows.

Please also be in prayer for teams who come disciple alongside us.  We are in the high season of mission teams, visitors and programs going strong.  Pray for strength, perseverance and guidance as we continue to minister to so many.  We are excited one of our 13 year old girls will be getting baptized soon.  We continue to see true life change happening and we know it’s because of the loyal support you offer and the amazing provision of our mighty God.  Our van continues to be full of students who are able for just a moment, to leave their neighborhoods for the refuge of our property, the church or a mission team’s location.  I see the peace they feel and the hope in their eyes in moments when they can run free and know they are well loved.  Thanks for mobilizing those moments.  

Our kids are doing well - many of you ask how you can pray.  River and Windsor are very fortunate to attend HISPods Christian Learning Center and we can think of no better gift than the gift of Christian education.  They come home singing worship songs, memorizing entire books of the bible and are surrounded by Godly people.  We praise God for this opportunity and covet your prayers as we continue to make our family our number one ministry.  River will turn 9 on Sunday and is learning the guitar. (Video here).  Windsor is loving her multicultural kindergarten class.  Here they are celebrating Valentine's Day or as we say here Dia de Amistad y amor.  Windsor will be 6 in June and already has her party and presents planned out.  She is a bit like her mother! :) 

Prayers For

  1. Continued restoration in Jordanna’s Health.  She hovers most days at 85% but catches all sicknesses that blow through the school or neighborhood.

  1. The Barstow Visit March 4-13.

  1. The MBC Mission Team coming March 22 - 29.

  1. Continued strength for Pepper as he is in the middle of high season with more and more work flooding in.  

  1. Plans and flights to unfold for Summer travel for Ailors in general.

  1. The Multi Uso Project - we are still at 30% of our goal being met but will begin moving land and laying a foundation and retaining wall with hopes that more funds are on their way.  Pray for the $130,000 needed to complete that project.  We’ve seen bigger numbers before and the Lord always answers in His timing.  We patiently await and covet your prayers.

May God bless you all.  We cherish each message, word of encouragement, verse and prayer shared with us.  You sustain us.  We miss you all and pray the Lord’s peace upon you.  Please send us an update about you as you read this note and know we are very excited about what the Lord will do.


Jordanna, fam & team

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