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2023: March

Greetings to our supporters,

March has come and gone so fast and we have really enjoyed the season of play on the vacant lot. The last four months the half acre of land has been a true playground for the children and teens. We’ve been able to run, play, laugh and learn about God’s word in a wide open space. While we have big dreams for the land to have buildings on it one day, it has been a tender season teaching under tents and sitting on blankets. We are blessed that it is the dry season and we, for the most part, haven’t gotten rained on during our sessions on the land. We are happy to report that we need just another $4,000 to pay off the debt for the land so we are so very close and excited to call it our own very soon! Thank you to everyone who helped us secure this sacred territory for the people of Herradura.

We were delighted to host Brooke’s soon-to-be sisters-in-law for a week over their spring break. They poured into the children of the Christian co-op River attends and were able to lead the teaching at the land that particular Saturday. Mikayla talked about our identity being rooted in God’s word, that we are made in His image and we are designed perfectly according to His will for our lives. She challenged the students to share affirmations with one another and her sister Lexi helped each student make a picture frame of themselves with a polaroid photo to remember the message. It was a delightful time. It was sweet to see our sweet intern Brooke growing closer in her relationship with her future family. God is at work for sure and we are so thankful for their visit and their impact.

For nearly three years, Nancy Dillingham has served as a member of the NOW Costa Rica council, praying for students by name, counseling us through decisions and truly caring about the work we do. Nancy and Jordanna met in 2018 when Jordanna was working as the Director of Youth and Missions at Manassas Baptist Church. At that time, Nancy and her husband Doug were working as missionaries with Wycliffe. Jordanna and Nancy reconnected in 2020 over zoom as Nancy taught Jordanna a lot about raising missionary children overseas. Nancy quickly became a very much-needed mentor for Jordanna both in serving in the mission field but also in praying through decisions for NOW Costa Rica. Even from it’s launching in September 2020, Nancy has been there, loyal to the cause in launching our work here to help young people combat the lure of the sex trade.

Naturally we were delighted to hear that Nancy and Doug were in a position to come visit and serve alongside us this month! Despite several barriers, sicknesses and flight changes, the reality had come true and Jordanna welcomed these great prayer warriors to the land they have been so diligently praying for. Nancy and Doug provided great teaching both at the Co-op for the students at our church and on the land with the children in Herradura. God is using so many to reach these unreached children and we are forever thankful for the partnership. We know that Nancy and Doug are in a position to better pray and advocate on our behalf now having walked within the community here. For that we are truly grateful.

We have begun a stronger partnership with a low-income, subsidized child care facility in Jaco called Pequenos Angelitos, or “Little Angels” in English. Thirty-five of the sixty children are living below the poverty line here and are most vulnerable to the threats of the industry luring workers into undignified work. The director, Yendri, has so kindly allowed us to teach the children every Monday about God’s word. Our Co-op students visit one hour a week, teaching a bit of English in a Language Buddy Program and sharing God’s word through prayer, games and songs. It’s been truly a delight. We invite you to pray for this little school. It is the nursery school River attended and Windsor currently attends. Brooke will be launching a young girls “The Birds, the Bees and Jesus” group next month. We know these children may have experienced abuse and neglect already in their lives. Pray that we can speak words of comfort and protection to them as they enter adolescence. There are 9 girls in the group ages 9-12. We already love them so much.

We are happy to report that the progress on the land is so amazing! We have broken ground on our own family home and are expecting to move in sometime in the fall. Houses are built quickly in our area as they don’t require much insulation and the workers live and work on the property at times. Seeing as petty theft is ranked high as a crime here, it’s imperative that the machines and materials be protected at all times. We know living on the land as we engage in building the ministry resource buildings will greatly aid in the process. Our next big effort is to build a security and retaining wall to protect our family and ministry resources. Floods, heavy rains and landslides are another threat so we have to ensure we lay the proper foundation and protections first before moving forward with the educational center and recreation spaces. We invite you to consider supporting our efforts for the retaining and security wall by giving today as you’re able. Check out this video to see more.

As we post this newsletter, some of our family are here visiting. We are so delighted that Pepper’s sister Dara, husband Jeremy and their three boys have made their way to Costa Rica. Time with cousins is just so precious for us as we miss the routine interaction we once had living nearby. We will cherish this week with them and make longstanding memories.

Please pray for Jordanna as she has been sick with persistent inner ear infections, kidney stones and mono. It has been a big halt in her ability to carry on with projects, but the Lord is encouraging her to slow down and rest. Sickness has been with Jordanna the entire month of March. Please pray for quick healing and a healthy April for the Ailor family.

If you or your church is interested in scheduling a coffee, presentation or time of sharing, Jordanna will be in the Virginia area June 20-July 13. Please email Jordanna at to schedule your visit. It would be an honor to catch up with each of you. Our supporters mean the world to us.

In closing, Jordanna and Pepper have felt the call to join their local church members in Costa Rica on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Israel. If you would be interested in supporting this effort, please feel free to contribute to their mission via gofundme below.

We love you all so dearly. We know this season is going to bring great joy. We hope you have a beautiful Easter season. We celebrate because He Is Risen!


Jordanna, fam & team

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