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2022: October

This Team and several others have worked very hard this season to host many visitors from the US. As we bid farewell to our Howerton’s friends, we welcomed the Dunn family for a visit to see Brooke graduate from language school. Our very first student intern completed her 6-week Spanish immersion intensive in San Jose and we had the pleasure of praying over her remaining 9 months among her teachers, new friends and family. Brooke will be launching a few new initiatives and continuing with previous obligations. Please be in prayer as she serves as a Sunday school teacher, Youth leader and volunteer at a local child care facility. Added to her impact will be intentional discipleship with 3 girls weekly, Saturday morning volleyball outreach and leading the younger girls discipleship group on Saturday afternoons. We know God has big things in store and we’re excited to see what will come for Brooke these 9 months.

In Costa Rica, tourists have to leave the country every 90 days. While the Ailor family is delighted to nearly have completed the residency process, Brooke’s year long stint will always incorporate a “Visa Run” each 3 months to ensure she is able to live and work legally in country. We were delighted to travel to Nicaragua with Brooke and her family for a weekend at a new beach called San Juan Del Sur. We stayed with friends from Jordanna’s Spanish Language school days who are now serving in Nicaragua. Even though threats of a hurricane, loads of rain and big land slides came our way, we were able to go through our first border run experience and now feel equipped as an organization to help others who come for longer stays ensure they have their visas stamped and ready to go. We truly love seeing the Quail family who have children River’s age. It was sweet to see the missionary kids playing and reconnecting. Please be in prayer for the Quails as they continue to serve as missionaries with EMI (Engineering Ministries International).

Of course the kids have had a round of goodbyes to folks who love them dearly. Life as missionary kids will always involve frequent farewells. Just as Windsor said goodbye to her Meme (Brooke’s mom Greta cared for Windsor her first two years of her life) it was time to welcome Nana and her team! We are thankful for the Dunn family and we know they will continue to be a part of our mission here.

The six “abeulas” or grandmas of Beale came to shower their love on the children, families and students of NOW Costa Rica for 7 days mid October. The threat of the hurricane changed the course of their trip by 3 days, having them arrive on a Thursday instead of previously scheduled Monday. The team adjusted and set to work with a modified schedule and made great impact. Projects included feeding the homeless, teaching bible studies, serving volunteers at a church volunteer appreciation meal, prayer walk/info session with Elizabeth Gilroy, Face of Justice, and much more. Here are some pictures that capture their time with us. We were delighted to have Beth Sloane on the ground investigating on behalf of the team of construction workers back home what it was like to build and work here in Costa Rica. A big shout out to nana for her leadership and guidance for these women. She continues to inspire many with her abilities to serve, organize and advance the Kingdom. What a matriarch we have!

The last two days of the team’s visit here, the days that originally they were not scheduled to be in Costa Rica, were days dedicated to recovery from the worst flood our area has seen in decades. Over a meter of water flooded hundreds of houses in our neighborhood. Mothers woke up the next morning thankful their children did not float away. The flash flooding happened so fast and this team was able to hold and pray with families who truly saw their life flash before their eyes the day before. They rallied together additional financial support to make over 300 bags of water, granola bars and snacks for families to receive the morning these families all began to face their new reality. It was sacred territory to support these families on that morning. Touching and telling. Life is so precious. Our need for a Savior is so crucial. Please continue to pray for families affected by the flood.

Prayers for this season:

Please continue to pray for more monthly donors. As we draw near to signing on the dotted line for our land (PRAISE GOD WE ARE JUST WEEKS AWAY) we are seeing resources for discipleship, gas for the van and basic program costs funds depleted. If we could find twenty new families to give $100 a month, we could be fully equipped to continue meeting the needs of the community WHILE building the educational center. Please helps us.

Please pray for Pepper as he enters a busy season of work with tournament photography and Freedom Alliance teams. Pray specifically for his mission team coming to help repair a home in a nearby town in just a few weeks.

Pray for the marriage plans for Brooke and her fiance Cody, that during his visit here their relationship will grow stronger in their unified effort to serve as a couple on this earth.

Pray as we consider hosting future mission teams in the midst of making a large transition into a home on the new land. Pray for the personal family finance for the Ailor family as they continue to take bold risks to invest in housing in a foreign land. Pray for connections to remain strong and positive for lawyers, engineers and builders for the upcoming work.

Pray for mission teams in late 2023 who are willing to sponsor and pay for a portion of the build for the educational center/mission house.

We know God is doing great things. We hope you will continue to come alongside us and we covet your prayers.

Love to you all!

~Jordanna, fam & team

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