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A bus stop in Herradura, Costa Rica
Herradura Bus Stop

In January of 2020, Pepper, the kids and I moved to our new home in Herradura, Costa Rica. This community is an area where Pepper has been working for over 7 years now, bringing men, women and families who have experienced the traumas of war to therapeutically witness the beauty and wonder of this great country while processing their lives post-combat. Being together as a family was our initial reason for wanting to relocate to Costa Rica, but in doing so, we’ve been continuously praying that God will use us in doing ministry locally. During Easter week of 2020, we felt a calling to partner with Susan and Len Eastwood in launching a ministry in Costa Rica that is an offshoot of their work in Kenya (read more about it here).

The Eastwoods and Ailors in Kenya.
The Eastwoods & Ailors

In 2013, Pepper and I were blessed to be a part of the creation of Neighbors Outreach Worldwide, or NOW Kenya which exists to meet the needs of vulnerable children and adults who are victims of poverty in Kenya. After continued prayer, several meetings, and much network seeking and discernment, we are excited to announce that we will be leading the charge to launch NOW Costa Rica.

Our vision for NOW Costa Rica is to offer the gift of Christian love in a “pura vida” culture. We aim to create cross-cultural experiences that intentionally preserve the dignity of the local people in order to show God’s love. We know that this will involve many mission teams, families and loved ones who also want to show God’s love to those in very unfortunate circumstances, so as we prepare to do this work, we invite you to consider being a NOW Costa Rica Prayer Partner and Supporter. This much-needed group will be organized to pray for NOW Costa Rica, its teams, the development of the programs during this season of vision, fundraising, and planning. Of course the work we aim to do requires financial supporters as well.

The Ailor Family on a suspension bridge in Costa Rica.
Ailor Family in Costa Rica

We have been praying about asking you specifically to support us in being a monthly donor. We promise to pray routinely so as to be good stewards of this money within the ministry. Neighbors Outreach Worldwide, and the NOW Costa Rica Advisory Council have, and will continue to come alongside the Ailors as they enter into full time missions work. We are privileged and honored to accept this role in being the hands and feet of Jesus here and ask you to prayerfully consider supporting us monthly, so we are able to consistently carry out this work. Costa Rica just announced they are allowing tourists from Virginia again, so we are hopeful to come home for a month or so around Thanksgiving season. We welcome any opportunity to speak with you or any groups you are involved with that may be interested in NOW Costa Rica. You will find more information on our website and of course we welcome any questions you may have about partnering with us in changing lives here in Herradura.

“May the Lord bless you and keep you, make His face shine down upon you and be gracious unto you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:25.

With love,

Photo of Jordanna Ailor and daughter Windsor

Jordanna and the Ailor Fam

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