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2023: July

We have successfully transitioned back home to life in Costa Rica this month but with fond memories of our time in Virginia and Florida. Thank you to all our supporters, friends and family who continuously help us with airport shuffles, cars, meals, child care and more! Living between two lands has its pros and cons, but you all certainly help us keep the cons low. God is clearly using us to bridge two communities, Herradura & Tappahannock (and the surrounding areas in Virginia). We are so thankful to be a small part of His solution to a big problem. We were able to see Sound of Freedom in theaters while at home. It is a powerful film and has inspired many of you to increase your giving as we push even harder to combat the lure of the sex trade here in Costa Rica, where buying sex, sadly, is a legalized and legitimate business.

If we spoke with you, your church community or family, thank you for caring about this subject. The first step is being willing to learn about this atrocity called Human Trafficking, and praying about how God’s people can respond. At times it can feel overwhelming to tackle such a large scale, global problem. Many ask me after I share about our work here in Costa Rica, what more can they do personally to help fight the battle against modern day slavery on a daily basis. Most of what I learned about the topic was through an organization outside of Baltimore called the Samaritan Women’s Shelter’s Institute for Shelter Care. They produced a one-page list of ways we can all help fight the largest growing illegal industry to date. This link can be found at the end of this newsletter.

Speaking with each community about this work gave me such strength this season. I have enjoyed this portion of my work as a “missionary” even though I haven’t always accepted that term, I guess in essence we are all missionaries if we’re true believers, however speaking with church partners who believe in our work and help to pray through this traumatic and astounding anti-sex trade work, has inspired us here on the ground to push forward in our efforts. The Lord has blessed us so much with land, resources and funds to begin our next project. We paid off the land 4 months after purchasing it and have enough funds to build the security/retaining wall on our property. We received another large donation for the initial funds for the Multiuso/Recreation Space which we hope to begin drawing plans for right away. I continue to stand in awe of all the Lord is doing here.

Here are some pictures of us with supporters this month who have done everything from inviting us to their farm to pick strawberries, to hosting us for meals, sharing their puppies with us and sweet reunions with our own doggie Nzuri, who has been so kindly cared for by our dear mentors Susan and Len Eastwood. Nzuri is on her last days so please pray for all who love her. She has been a special pup to many.

Of course our time celebrating our sweet intern Brooke at her wedding was just delightful. It was a joyous occasion and long awaited as Brooke remained loyal to her year long service with us despite being engaged while living overseas. Little Windsor was thrilled to be the flower girl and the weekend with the Fisher and Dunn families was completely joyful. Please pray for Brooke and Cody as they seek God’s will for their lives in finding a home church, success in marriage and continued guidance on careers and next steps. Having Brooke as an intern truly showed us the benefit of the next generation serving alongside us. It is our hope to have intern quarters built into the Multiuso so as to welcome other young people who want to serve alongside us.

In July we had a prayer walk in Tappahannock to pray over our teens but also to give thought, space and time to planning for Summer 2024’s 5K run/walk. We continue to be grateful for the quality of folks who come to stand alongside us in this journey, through prayer walks, meetings, speaking engagements and more. If you are interested in serving on a planning/prayer team that is planning our First Annual 5K Run/Walk Benefit happening Saturday August 24, 2024, please contact our chairperson Denise Hammond. There will be options for attendance to the monthly meetings via zoom or in person at Hammond Builders. Anyone in the Virginia area interested in staying up-to-date on our efforts and willing to bring a few runners/walkers to the event is invited to join the planning team. The first meeting will be sometime in August. Email Jordanna or Denise at

We wanted to leave you with a bit of news of celebration. We were able to meet our sweet Jackie’s baby girl Zawati who was born last November. It was a delightful reunion and we are oh so proud of our girl Jackie for being such a loving mother to this child. Jackie is working as a Caseworker for children with disabilities and Zawati spends her days now with her grandmother, Jackie’s new mother-in-law. Thank you for praying for Jackie as she navigates a very new form of adulthood. She is so precious to us and just celebrated her 25th birthday. We know these children are a blessing from the Lord and they grow up so quickly.

Windsor and River navigated all the airport experiences like champs. They are truly multicultural, global children who have hearts deeply rooted in Virginia and Costa Rica. There are seasons they wish we lived more permanently in one country or the other, but we know it’s most important they see their parents acting in obedience with God’s calling, but if you would say a few prayers as they enter new routines in Kindergarten and third grade, we would appreciate it. They miss their grandparents, cousins and aunties a lot. We are blessed to come home for Thanksgiving this year so the stent is a little shorter this go round, but sometimes we wonder if that makes it harder. Click here to read more about how to pray for missionary kids. No matter what, we know that in this world we will always have trouble, but we are not to fear, for He has overcome this world and the end of the story is a glorious one (John 16:33). We cling to that and I hope that encourages you should you too be missing someone today.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. Thank you for reading, praying and supporting us. We are always a message away. Let us know how we can pray for you.


Jordanna, fam & team

Click Here for more information on ways you can daily make a difference in the fight against Human Trafficking in your area, home and personal conversations. Together we can make a difference!

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