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2022: September

What a full month we have had this September! Our children are busy in home school and their bilingual immersion child care. The children participated in the Independence Day parade in our town (photo below). Pepper has made a trip to California and we sent several teens to camp and hosted a mission team. Our intern Brooke is about to graduate from language school and as we approach October, we are eager to see more of what the Lord will do. Our August trials of sickness, nightmares and ailments were buried and September brought new birth and outreach.

The children are doing great and we are very proud to host a VBS at their nursery school with the last team. The five-person team from Howerton’s Baptist Church hit the ball running and make great impact in a very short time. Here is a summary of their time here:

Day 1 - Arrival to Pumilio Guest House, dinner & bonding with the NOW CR team

Day 2 - Tour of community, prayer on the future NOW CR land plot, Feeding the homeless

Day 3 - Morning VBS for 40 kids & Evening Youth Rally for 30 teens

Day 4 - Morning hike with NOW CR staff, Cristo Rey Community Outreach - Randy Preached to 35 parents and Mike led children’s programs for 30 elementary aged kids.

Day 5 - Worship at Horizon Church & Baseball Outreach Ministry for 25 kids

Of course our staff, family and team were all reignited by these experiences this team brought. We are forever thankful to Pastor Randy, his wife Christy, Mike, Dawn & Debbie. Mike Walter was my Youth Director for my middle and high school years. What a blessing it was to have him leading the charge and making great impact. We know there will be more to come in our partnership with Howerton’s Baptist Church and we give God all the glory for the great things He has done this past week.

Brooke is soaring in her language skills. She was able to translate for a VBS station, will be bringing 4 of her classmates to Jaco for the weekend and will graduate next Friday Oct. 7th. Her parents, Greta & John will be coming to make a family trip with us to Nicaragua. Brooke has a tourist visa so this is a necessity for her continued service here. We’re glad we get to celebrate and rest.

Brooke was able to sponsor two boys to go to camp, and one made the decision to get baptized. Winston has been in our group for about a year. His involvement under Cristian’s discipleship has really impacted him. We are delighted to see him step out in faith. Lenin also made the same decision to walk the waters of baptism and Carlos, who also went to camp, is hoping to get baptized soon. We are so proud of Cristian and his work with these teen boys. We know even more will be reached as we make strides to secure the land and start building the educational center.

Please be in prayer for these things:

Brooke’s Sports Ministry Outreach through Volleyball

Brooke’s intentional discipleship with three girls twice a week

October Mission Team coming from Beale Memorial Baptist Church Oct 10-17

The land sale to go through as the Lord dictates, hopefully before the end of the calendar year

Rest for the Ailor family and prayers for continued health as we manage mission teams, land buying, homeschooling, and Pepper’s upcoming busy season. Pepper will host his annual Freedom Alliance mission team November 9 - 15th. Please pray the Lord continues to guide our steps as we serve as welcoming hosts to those who want to make an impact here in Herradura & Jaco.

In conclusion - we are seeking funds for our Square Meter Land Campaign. If you or anyone you know is willing to sponsor a square meter of land, allotments are listed below.

A square meter = $100

5 square meters = $500

10 square meters = $1000

50 square meters = $5000

We promise to steward the resources from the Lord wisely. 100% of your support will go towards the land, unless given online via our website which does have a 4% processing fee. We recommend mailing a check to NOW Costa Rica and mailing to 122 Marsh St. Tappahannock, VA 22560 as this method of donating will ensure the funds will be deposited directly into the land fund with no added fees.

Thank you for considering helping us once again, through sponsorship of a certain number of square meters or in prayer. We hope you will be able to take time to respond via email. We also invite you to share how we can pray for you and your family and church community at this time. We know it takes an army and we're delighted the Lord brought you to our team and hope you can increase your giving by joining our Square Meter Land Campaign.


Jordanna, fam & team

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