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2022: January

We started of 2022 with the Dunn family farewell. John, Greta, Brooke and Jesse brought such great, renewed energy to the mission and wonderful impact. We still celebrate the success of the teen boys and girls over the Christmas holiday.

The very last project the Dunn family helped with was the clearing of land in Agueras. A few days later, another mission team came to launch a field day outreach on the cleared field. Tracey and Kevin Craig brought their family of a dozen young adults and kids to teach the gospel message through field day games. The Craig family also purchased all the materials needed for field day activities for that particular day and future NOW Costa Rica field days to come. We are fully equipped with potato sacks, three-legged race ropes, head bands, parachute and more. We had nearly 60 people participate in the day’s event. The Craig family fed the entire neighborhood as we prayed, looked up scripture and enjoyed a day of fellowship. We know this will be the beginning of many more community outreach field days.

January 10th, our five-person mission team embarked on the first ever NOW Costa Rica mission trip to Quito Ecuador. We had the privilege of staying at El Refugio, a discipleship center designed to help believers grow closer to Christ through outdoor education and service. We also had the honor of serving at a teen mom center in Rio Negro called Casa Tao. Many of you reading this newsletter increased your monthly giving in order to support Merary, Lucia and Sofia on their journey and for that we are thankful. Mission trips take courage and these girls left their homes for the first time for such a journey in a post-pandemic world. While homesickness and COVID did enter into the equation, we are happy to report that the time away was hugely transformational. All five of us were impacted for the Kingdom and have learned a lot about cross-cultural experiences, partnerships with other missions and how to mobilize teen girls to serve globally. We appreciate you coming alongside us for that journey. Please be in prayer for the work of El Refugio and Casa Tao in Ecuador. We now have deeper partnerships in South America than we did this time last month and for that we are thankful. Jenna, our new addition to the NOW Costa Rica team, also was a huge asset. Her support is proving to be invaluable and we are delighted to see what the Lord has in store for her journey with NOW Costa Rica. We are so thankful for her support thus far in helping the girls navigate their first mission trip and adjustment back to life in Costa Rica.

Returning back to Herradura Jan 20th to life in Costa Rica was a joy. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is such a valuable reality. Pepper did a great job with the two small children while we were away on mission. Jenna and Jordanna are planning to launch a new girl’s group in Cristo Rey community with 10 girls ages 15-18. Please be in prayer as we continue to reach more girls in the community, along with their families. Horizon Church is launching an evening English program. Many of our already existing teens and moms will be bussed to this weekly course held in the church. Please pray they develop skills they need for the tourism industry while learning about our Heavenly Creator. Lastly, several of our families and youth will be attending or volunteering within our Awana program every Monday night. We ask for prayers for a successful start to the year with this amazing discipleship program.

A report on the land: Pepper and Jordanna will meet soon with the owner of a perspective lot. It is in a great location and already seems like an ideal fit. We are on our way to finalizing our plans and hope that if it is God’s will, the purchase of this land goes through in the coming months. Will you pray alongside us?

Of course, the land is the first step in a large effort attempt to build an educational facility and mission house. While our plans are in God’s timing, we have been praying about a big move into the community January 2023. Our family would like to build a small house on the same property to ensure safety and care for the mission. This would also be a big lifestyle change for us moving from a gated condo community to the heart of Herradura. We are trusting God in the process and celebrating all who have already come alongside us.

Thank you as we truly appreciate all you have done to support our family and mission. River will start 1st grade next week. I will homeschool him each afternoon while he and Windsor attend a nursery school for continued Spanish immersion and play each morning. Pepper is celebrating a successful start to the high season work for Freedom Alliance and the Tournament Photography work. We are hopeful for a prosper new year and more families reached for the gospel message. We cannot do this alone. Thank you for being a part of our team! If you would like to hear an update on the mission, have us speak at your church or organization or would like to host a fundraiser on our behalf, we plan to be in Virginia June 4 – July 16. We know God will continue to strengthen our partnerships as He empowers more to come to Him through your support.

God Bless,

Jordanna, fam & team

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