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2022: April

We have been enjoying our time in Virginia visiting friends and family. Thank you to everyone who prayed for our transition back to States side living. The children have completed three weeks in a private Christian school called “This Little Light of Mine”. Ephesus Baptist Church and their school have been a huge blessing to us. River has enjoyed his first-grade classmates and teachers. Ms. Beth and Mrs. Gladding have been a great support for him as he navigates a new school and group of peers. Windsor is loving preschool and spends a lot of time with teacher Nonnie who most recently commented on how much she missed her buddy Windsor. We have been a bit sick and missing a few school sessions as we’re not accustomed to all the viruses here but hopefully, they have made their way through us and we are celebrating that Nana has not suffered any illness alongside us.

Speaking of Nana, she has gone through many preliminary scans, appointments and tests and will be receiving radiation daily May 12 – June 3rd. We appreciate your prayers as we knock out this Stage 1 breast cancer caught early, all wonderful statements for a cancer prognosis. Thank you for your continued prayers. We will celebrate in June and July a cancer free Grandma and a time well spent ensuring her health is restored. We have been soaking up spring day walks, trips for ice cream and even days at the river playing in the sand. We know more days are on the horizon in the coming weeks. Our family estimates returning back to Costa Rica mid-July.

Please pray for our upcoming speaking engagements and fundraisers. We are taking advantage of being home and will be sharing in many churches. Here is our 2022 NOW Costa Rica video update that we will be showing in area churches. We hope you enjoy and feel it show cases well our current programs and hopes for the future. Thank you to all our partnering churches and businesses. We could not do this without you!

Upcoming Speaking Engagements & Fundraisers in Virginia

May 1st – Mt. Zion Baptist Church 11am with luncheon to follow

May 14 – Manassas Barnabas Team Lunch sponsored by Omega Health Services

May 15 – Wired Youth Group at Manassas Baptist Church 5pm

May 21st – Beale Women’s Mission Team Yard Sale Fundraiser

June 5th – Beale Memorial Baptist Church 9am & 11am services

June 12th – Smyrna Christian Church 11am Service with luncheon to follow

June 25th – Essex Women’s Conference Church Group Luncheon Fundraiser at Beale 5pm

July 10th – Manassas Baptist Church 9am and 11:15am Services

We need an additional twenty families to join us on our monthly support team giving $75 a month to ensure we have the resources we need for our NOW Costa Rica Center. We know we can reach more teens with a space designated for their teaching, growing and refuge. We believe God has called many of you to come alongside us in increasing your giving or perhaps joining the monthly support team officially this season. We invite you to come and see where your support has taken us. We have teams coming in August, September and October with many more on the horizon. Let us know if you are interested in joining us. We appreciate your prayers at this time as we navigate decisions for our family, programs, missions and fundraising. A big shout out to Jenna and Cristian who have continued with groups back in Costa Rica while we are States side, a true gift that God knew we needed at just this right time. He is so good!

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