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2021: September

The Birds, the bees and Jesus Group – our 9 girls and 3 moms have been routinely gathering in our home for a time of fellowship, worship and bible study. The girls are earning points by memorizing scripture, reading their devotional and coming prepared to talk about various chapters of “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. In three weeks, those who have earned enough points will attend a church-wide girls retreat weekend in Hermosa. We know great things can happen when we get away for a weekend. Please be in prayer for deeper encounters with God for everyone attending “Wonder Woman Weekend” Oct 15 – 17th. Here is a Facebook video of one of our bilingual girls, Ariana, reciting four verses she has memorized this month:

“Nana” (Jordanna’s mom) came for a visit teaching the girls to do cross stitch. Each girl is working towards completion of a scenic cross stitch pattern displaying the phrase, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow”. It gave us a chance to teach about tithes and offerings. Girls who complete their art work can earn extra points towards their camp experience. They are working hard. It’s so neat to see. The girls see nana as their own grandmother figure and it is always restorative for us to have her here within the family unit and the ministry.

Our six-and-a-half-year-old son River made the decision to walk the waters of baptism and we intentionally scheduled the occasion for when nana was here. Sept 19, 2021 our son formally joined the body of Christ. It was a long-awaited decision as River has been asking for over a year. We could not be prouder as his parents, for this is the greatest decision of his life. What a blessing River is to our family and this community. Here is a video to his perspective:

Please be in prayer for:

  • The potential purchase of land in Arenas community located in Herradura. We feel a strong pull to consider building a family home and a ministry house side-by-side in Arenas. Will you pray alongside us?

  • A potential Tuesday Spanish Teen Girls Small Group. Lucia and Sofia (two of our older girls) expressed interest in leading this 2-hour small group each Tuesday with our help. What a neat way for them to grow in their faith and as leaders. Our Books are on the way. The hope is to read “True Beauty” by Carolyn Mahaney and watch an episode each week of “The Chosen”. We’re so thankful these resources are also in Spanish. Be in prayer for the girls our girls will reach.

  • We are hoping to partner with Horizon Church in 2022 to launch an English Language Learning program. Five of our girls/moms have been studying English via the book “Ingles Para Latinos” but next year we will be able to join a larger group of teachers and students to strengthen our capacity to learn and teach English. What a blessing this will be!

  • Horizon Church has also been approached by a very generous donor interested in creating an English speaking, International Christian school. This is very good for our family as it will prepare River and Windsor not only to be stronger disciples but also keep them on track for entry into the US Education system should one day we need to return (or hopefully even for their college entrance season). We know many students can experience a great frustration re-acculturating back to their home country, so the creation of this school will be an amazing gift to American families living and serving here in Jaco.

  • One of the girls in our group’s cousin Dani has been tagging along for Sunday worship and Thursday youth group the past several months. Last Sunday Dani also decided to get baptized. We are so thankful to have another student come to know the Lord. Please be in prayer for Dani and a few other boys we are beginning to disciple. We are hopeful Greta & John Dunn and their family will come alongside us in December to do continued, deepened work in the lives of these students.

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