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2021: May

Coming to you from the U.S., the Ailor crew is happy to report a successful arrival back to Virginia. The pollen count and happy meals have certainly impacted us rather heavily, but it has been SO wonderful to be with family and friends once again. This support raising season has been a blessing!

Jackie’s Graduation – Jackie completed her college education at Stevenson University with a Bachelor’s in Human Services and is praying over a few job-offers in the Baltimore area. She has found an apartment and is delighted to begin life post college with hopes of applying to graduate school in the near future. Thank you for praying for our girl.

Manassas stay at the Dunns – We were so blessed to have the Dunn family pick us up upon arrival mid-May at mid-night in Dulles. We stayed in their home for a week and were truly spoiled, from homemade meals, morning pickle ball games and fun with the kids in their backyard. We’re thankful to have such support and love poured out.

Walk down Preschool Memory Lane – River was able to walk through the halls of his old preschool building, see a few teachers and hang out with many friends. It was a joy to see his classmates all growing up. We know being a Third Culture Kid (TCK) can be tough so we focused intentionally the first few days to help River remember his history in Manassas. One day after eating at Red Robin, going to Target and playing with his old friends, he turned to me and said, “Mom this is the best day in my whole life”.

Manassas Baptist Church – It was a delight to reconnect with many families and folks of MBC from the members of the NOW Costa Rica “Barnabas Team” to the Wired Youth group students, God showed us the value of renewed friendships and allowed us to share all the amazing work He has equipped us to do in Costa Rica. Students from Wired Youth shared about their connections to the girls in Costa Rica as they’ve formed Language Buddy pairs. Youth were reminded of the risks related to sex trafficking online and abroad and that God has equipped us to be on guard but also to remember our bodies are a temple, designed for great purpose.

Jordanna will speak Wednesday June 16th at David Donahue’s online Facebook Live bible study session if you are free and would like to hear an update. Please mark your calendar and tune in at 6pm.

Arriving to Tappahannock to settle into the small-town routine has been a much-welcomed rest. Seeing family, spending time at “Nana’s house” and enjoying the beautiful May weather has been delightful. We are so blessed to have received invitations to speak at Smyrna Christian Church, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, The Tappahannock Barnabas Team & Beale Memorial Baptist Church. Being in these oh so familiar houses of worship and settings has been amazing. Families who have poured into our mission from the Northern Neck region of Virginia are crucial partners for NOW Costa Rica. It’s wonderful to see the ongoing commitment of monthly donors and churches stepping up to fight this battle alongside us. Our future generations depend on us combating these social issues for Christ.

40th Birthday – Turning the big 4-0 has been a blessing this season. Purchasing new running shoes and a get away with a college friend for a night has been a true blessing. I reflect upon this season of life, married 9 years with three lovely kids and our health and family and I cannot be anything but overflowing with gratitude. We are as active as ever, running multiple times per week, enjoying volleyball and softball, exercise classes and healthy Costa Rican cuisine. We thank God for showing us how to ensure our bodies remain a temple and are honored to be an example of Jesus within our community. If we can help you reach your optimum health and find peace in Jesus, please don’t hesitate to reach out. He is our great provider and He too wants an abundant life for you here on earth. Shout out to the Chan family for helping care for sweet Windsor while Jordanna reconnected with those from her JMU days, commemorating 40 years on the planet.

Pepper arrives to VA early June and then Ailor crew will head to the Shenandoah region to visit the other set of grandparents and cousins. We’re thankful to get almost 2 full weeks of rest and vacation with family, visiting both sides of the family and all the cousins. God is good!

Sunday June 16th @ 10am will be our last speaking engagement held at Salem Baptist Church. Please feel free to join us if you’re able. 24032 Sparta Rd, Milford, VA 22514 – all are welcome.

Prayers are welcome for a safe reentry back into Costa Rica, for the nation as a whole (COVID cases are on the rise) and for our upcoming Language Immersion School experience.

Thank you so much for praying for us and remaining invested in the work of the kingdom in Herrardura, Costa Rica. Let us know if you, your family or church would like to host a zoom presentation or mission trip in the fall or in 2022.

God Bless,

Jordanna, Fam & Team

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