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2021: August

On this the last day of August, we pray that you are all doing well. As the world is slowly opening up post COVID we are all faced with the realities of a peaceful pace in a world that is facing much tragedy. Costa Rica is not void of these struggles, but of course we are mindfully in prayer for Afghanistan, Haiti and New Orleans. This season I find myself remembering that “To the World we may be one person, but to one person we may be the world.”

God has given us 8 girls and 4 moms so our “one” is growing but we’re thankful and honored to walk hand in hand with these families as we navigate the challenges associated with living in and near to Jaco. Being the lead sex tourism destination has so many long affecting consequences for families here, and we hope that our influence is trickling out to others. We are praying right now for land and the funds to be able to build an educational center with space for sports ministry. Will you pray that specific prayer alongside us? Land can be costly, but we know with more space, we can reach more families. We need your help!

Aug 6th, Jordanna and River graduated from language school at ILE, a school designed to prepare missionaries for work in Latin America. We were delighted to be able to strengthen our skills. Upon returning back to Herradura, River enrolled in Inmaculada School where he is the only English speaker in his class. We welcome prayers for his 6-year-old mind to absorb as much as possible. He loves his teacher Ms. Alissa and so far, has adjusted well. Jordanna and Pepper are in weekly zoom classes online to continue the Spanish language process and enjoying the many opportunities we have to immerse ourselves in the language and culture. A week from today, Pepper will host his first Freedom Alliance mission team in Costa Rica. They plan to help repair a church, work with some local teen boys and give out food baskets to flood victims. Our family stays busy and remain grateful for your support.

This season in youth group, the topic our teens are studying on Thursday nights is Justice. Our own Sofia gave the talk last week, sharing about why she serves and her heart for justice here in Jaco. We could not be prouder of her. She continues to be a great example to girls in our group, at church and in her greater community. In response to Sofia’s talk and in support of recent flood victims, the youth compiled food baskets and sorted donated clothing to help those affected by the recent natural disaster. Many of our girls prayed over those receiving the donations and attached scripture that will hopefully encourage and support the community at this time. It reminds us that we too, can pause to simply pray, read scripture over and help make a small difference for just a few in need, and if we all do our part, we can make the world a better place and reach people for Christ.

We kicked off a new series in our Saturday group and welcomed three new girls. Doneira, Emileyda and Anna have joined our study group whole-heartedly. We are thankful for their willingness and are expectant for great things as we study “The Five Love Languages” and spend time in Sarah Young’s Devotional “Jesus Calling”. Each girl has an age-appropriate bible in their heart language thanks to Manassas Baptist Church. What a joy it is to see these girls in the word and hear of how Jesus is transforming their lives. Thank you for that investment in them, and in their families.

We welcome your prayers and willingness to give towards the purchase of land. We anticipate needing $200,000 which feels like a dauntingly large dollar amount, but we know if this is God’s plan for this community and our ministry, He will provide a way. To donate specifically to the building fund for a NOW Educational Center/Sports Ministry Site, click the green "Donate Now" button at the top of the page. In the drop-down menu choose "Building Fund for Educational Center." We pray expectantly and in God’s timing, we will build.


Jordanna, fam & team

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