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2021: April

On this the last day of April, the Ailor family writes to you with great joy and curiosity in how you are doing. No of us are seemingly where we thought we’d be with regards to life and this pandemic. I pray God is continuing to use your family as a light in a time of darkness, as continued restrictions can feel exhausting. But as Jesus says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you may have trouble, but take heart. I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33). I pray you cling to that verse as much as we have in this season.

We have so much to celebrate and so much needing prayer. Thank you for your loyalty to read these newsletters, commit this specific kingdom work to prayer and for your investment in NOW Costa Rica. If it weren’t for you, we would not be able to reach those that we are reaching, and we know it is only through God’s grace and provision we are able to see such fruit.


Three more girls in our “Birds, Bees & Jesus” group were baptized this month! Ariana, Chanel and Lucia walked the waters of baptism, proclaiming Jesus as Lord of their lives. We are so proud of these girls as now all but one has made that decision. Please pray for the last one, a sweet girl new to our group. She is just hearing the gospel and has a lot of injustice in the home. We are delicately walking alongside her and as an 11-year-old, she has taken on more burdens than most can bear. Prayers are welcome for light to enter her home and life as she begins to see what life in Jesus can look like.

Marriage Ministry – We celebrated our second marriage within the NOW Costa Rica community. What a blessing it was to come alongside this sweet family. Seeing them make the decision to be baptized last November, and now to follow God’s design for family in pursuing marriage this month, it’s just been incredible. We’re honored to be a part and humbled at their obedience. Please pray for continued pursuit of God’s word for this family.

Spanish Language School Tour – Pepper and I toured the language school where River and I will be staying for six weeks at the end of the summer. This school, located in the capital city of San Jose, is designed to equip missionaries with the Spanish they need to teach the gospel. We are honored we received two spots and the necessary recommendations to be accepted into the school. We now are raising funds to ensure we can cover the costs. Thank you to Howerton’s Baptist Church for giving $1,000 of the needed $4,000 for us to attend language school. We are seeking three more donors @ $1,000 each to help ensure we are able to afford to attend this school. Thank you for committing this to prayer and please let us know if God is calling you, or your church to support this effort. We know if we can teach in the native language, it will change our ministry dramatically.

Hosting - We are gearing up for another week of hosting in early May. My best friend from college, Amanda Ricker, is a midwife, nurse practitioner, Christian mom coming with her niece Georgia to pour into the lives of the girls and moms here. Please pray for their plans as we’re so excited at the work they will do, specifically at the Prenatal Center and local churches ( We are still remembering the love Carolyn and Ernie poured out to our girls in March and see hosting as a vital part of our ministry. If you are interested in coming for a vision or mission trip to minister alongside us, please email Jordanna at The girls in the group quickly came to love “Nana & Grandma Ernie” and will love you too! Please pray God uses Amanda and Georgia’s testimonies and wisdom for the kingdom here in Herradura.

U.S. Travel - River, Windsor and Jordanna will fly May 16th returning with Amanda and Georgia to the States. Several folks are lined up to keep the kids, help with transportation and house us various parts along the way. We are so thankful for these Barnabas Teams who are stepping up to assist as Jordanna plans to attend Jackie’s college graduation May 19th. Please pray for Jackie as she faces job interviews, housing changes and entry into young adult living in Baltimore. Please pray for speaking engagements at Beale Memorial Baptist Church, Smyrna Baptist Church and Salem Baptist Church as well as several update presentations at Manassas Baptist and the Barnabas Teams. Pepper plans to arrive June 1st to DC to tend to some work there and the family will return to Tappahannock and Waynesboro areas through June 18th to see family and rest. If you would like to connect with us at any time, below are our dates we will be in various parts of Virginia.

Dates in Northern Virginia/Baltimore Area: May 18 – 22 and June 2 – 3rd

Dates in Tappahannock: May 23 – June 3rd

Dates in Waynesboro: June 4th – June 18th

We pray this annual trip to the States is useful for the kingdom and God honoring in all communities we are blessed to visit. We pray your towns, churches and families are able to withstand the challenges we are presented with today, knowing that we are called to be set apart and one day we will come face to face with our creator who will say “Well done good and faithful servant. Come and share your Master’s happiness.” (Matt 25:23).

In Christ,

Jordanna, family & team

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