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2023: May

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Happy May to all of our supporters! We pray this season has been full of joy, spring flowers and health. After 10 weeks of sickness, Jordanna finally has recovered! God has taught her so much about His strength used in the waiting. What a joy it was to have Brooke, our intern here during this season to carry on much of the work, even within our own family when Jordanna was sick and Pepper had teams for his work. We celebrate Brooke so much and have enjoyed embracing these last few weeks with her. She has been a joy teaching our young missionary kids each morning and even stepped up to teach a group of teen girls as well.

We were also able to welcome Cody, Brooke’s fiance back to Costa Rica for a visit. The church was able to rally around them in love as a couple, offering words of wisdom in marriage for their Bridal Shower.

As for the Ailors, despite Jordanna’s infection, kidney stones and mono, the projects of the home build are coming along quite well. It is our prayer that the Ailors are able to reside on the property sometime in August. The Ailors are so blessed to have been able to buy ⅓ of the half-acre of land to build their own family home. We are very prayerful about what the Lord will do during this next season with the ministry portion of the land. Join us as we pray for continued vision and direction. The Lord has blessed us with amazing engineers, lawyers and construction workers. We are learning a lot about building in Costa Rica.

One day after Jordanna’s Birthday, she was well enough to join the church community at Family Camp in the Mountains of Costa Rica where couples were able to pour into God’s word while the children played in an amazing setting. There was archery, high ropes, a lake and even roller skating! We haven’t seen many of these Western type activities in quite a while so it was a warm welcome. Our family celebrated being well and able to enjoy.

Jordanna has enjoyed a few songs during her sickness and at camp. I invite you to look up Time by John Lucas and I Depend on You by Aaron Keyes. Both have brought great joy in struggle and remind us that we are simply never strong enough, but He is!

Please be in prayer for the Ailors as they fly to the States for a 5 week summer fundraising season. There are two open events happening in Tappahannock, Virginia if you are able to join us. If not, will you help by copying/pasting these flyers and posting on your social media and email platforms to friends and family? We have a long way to go in raising funds but we see God’s great and divine purpose and provision in all of our work and are expectant for what is to come. Jordanna will be speaking at Beale Memorial, RiverPoint Church, Mt. Zion & Manassas Baptist Church. Please join her in prayer as she shares the work the Lord is doing in Herradura.


Jordanna, fam & team

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