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2023: January

Greetings and Happy 2023! We were blessed to start off our new year with a getaway to La Paz Waterfalls with Pastor Daniel Barrett and family. We were able to enjoy the views, peace and wildlife with this amazing family that planted Horizon Church 10 years ago this January. We are continuously reminded that we are not alone in this ministry, in this fight for justice and in this world. God has not only proven He is with us but He is also present here in this community. We have truly been blessed to be guided and supported by the Barret family and Horizon Church and hope for many more decades for the church in the future.

Jordanna’s former classmate from language school 18 months ago came back for a return trip. During Megan’s 6 weeks studying Spanish with Jordanna, she made frequent trips to Herradura to teach the teens alongside the ministry. Her growing relationship with the girls stood the test of time and she has returned for continued mission, this time with her boyfriend at her side. It was a delight to be together over good food and fellowship once again on our patio.

Megan and Sean are both teachers and cross-country coaches. They used their faith story, scripture and knowledge of running to inspire our students. This was our first time gathering on the land. We have made great improvements to the land clearing it and preparing for our upcoming builds. We still have a way to go to pay down the loan debt but we are growing closer and closer each month. Partners like Megan, Sean, their families and your families make these efforts possible! Thanks for investing.

After a wonderful weekend of outreach and teaching, Sean mentioned to us his desire to ask our sweet Megan for her hand in marriage. Megan and her family back in Dallas have been big supporters of our work and we felt it to be an honor and privilege to return the favor by providing a memorable, special day. Pepper, our beloved photographer, posed a photo shoot for the two love birds and planned with Sean to capture on video and photo his proposal mid-shoot. It was majestic in view and they have great memories captured to remember it. We are so excited for their futures and praise God for another amazing match made here on earth and in heaven. God bless you Sean and Megan.

Brooke has been busy every morning now teaching a group of missionary and expat kids their home school curriculum. Eight in total ranging in ages from 7-9, these students have made a classroom at church their home for 6 months with Mrs. Brooke as their teacher. Here they are showing off their stars they earned for good behavior and following Christ-like conduct. We are so thankful, once again, for Brooke’s willing heart and passion.

Jordanna is leading the Home School Co-op initiative. Students are 23 in total, spanning grades 2nd through 12th. They are doing community service weekly, spanish classes daily and PE, learning collaboration and Christian values within community. We are so thankful for the space Horizon Church is providing for the children of missionary families and dedicated church members. Below you will see the students learning the pledge to the American flag, Costa Rican flag, Christian flag and the pledge to the bible. We are talking about our identity as “Third Culture Kids” or TCKs a how while our citizenship on this earth can feel rather vague, our citizenship in Heaven is clear. It’s neat to see the pride from all cultures mesh so well and to have students visually remember our truth and norms are found in God’s word.

The last Saturday in January we were blessed to receive Tracy & Kevin Craig once again to teach our students and this time on our land! They taught about perseverance in reading God’s word and remaining consistent with our studies as a group. We tie dyed t-shirts, played games together. It was a joyous fellowship. We are so thankful for the Craig family!


  • Land Fund - $16K remaining

  • Pray for the 6-person team coming in February. They will work on building a room for a young, new mom who attends the prenatal center at the church. We are prayerfully optimistic over this project and our work with the teens of Las Parcellas and our surrounding community. We have a sleepover, a boys camp out and fitness classes planned. It will be joyfilled!

  • Pray for the Co-Op at Horizon Church and the families involved, that we can maintain unity and collaboration within the mission field here on the ground.

  • Pray for our visit to Virginia this summer mid June to early August. If your church would like us to come visit or speak, please let us know soon so we can mark our calendar!

  • Pray for the remaining land deficit! We are so close and could use your help to this season to eliminate the debt. Once the debt is gone, we can begin the construction process!

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