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2023: April

Greetings and Happy Spring,

We hope this finds you well. We have had a whirlwind month here in Herradura, Costa Rica and have much to share. Our home construction is well underway and we are just weeks from returning to the States for our summer visit!

Our half acre lot is busy with construction workers, engineers, and mission teams praying over the future impact on the community. One-third of the property was purchased by the Ailors for the purposes of their family home. We believe that having our family on the property will aid greatly in ministry and security. Speaking of security, our next big endeavor is building a security wall around the property which will double as a retaining wall to keep the rains and landslides away from the buildings. Take a look at our home under construction. We praise God for giving us a great project manager, Julian, a wonderful engineer, Dany and amazing construction workers led by Paulino. We have learned a lot in this season about construction and we are hopeful to use this knowledge in the fall to begin efforts for the educational center and recreation space.

Our goal to secure this property is $30,000. We value our ministry resources and we know protection of them environmentally and from theft are crucial. Many vulnerable children, women and families will come to this land to learn about freedom. We need to ensure proper steps for security. Will you help us? Donations can be made to the overall Building Fund for the Educational Center via

This season continues to prove to be difficult health wise for Jordanna. She is in week 8 of mono and has had good and bad days. Early April appeared to be a full recovery but after 5 days of health, Jordanna relapsed and the symptoms were stronger than initially. She still tests positive for the Epstein Barr Virus, the virus that causes mono, but her symptoms are fading. This time Jordanna aims to rest well beyond the disappearing symptoms so as to have a full recovery. Please pray for peace, continued rest and healing.

Despite the battle with mono, the Ailors enjoyed visits from Pepper’s sister and kids and Jordanna’s mom. Having family in town and showing our ministry progress brings such great joy. We enjoyed lots of cousin time, ice cream and meals together. Nana was even able to do a bible lesson on The Resurrection Story and taught our younger girl’s group how to sew crosses. The cousins got to go deep sea fishing and enjoy many of the natures of Costa Rica.

The Ailors plan to visit many places in Virginia during their summer fundraising season. Please pray for speaking engagements and for divine appointments for large gifts for the Wall and Educational Center. Our travel dates are June 18 - July 24. Please pray for safe travels and health for our family.

We are delighted to be a third of our way to our personal family goal in fundraising to go to Israel. This is not a ministry expense, but an Ailor family personal fundraiser. If you are interested in supporting this cause visit this link:

We pray this season brings you new beginnings and continued appreciation for our Creator and His Creation. What a joy it is to have your support as we embark on continued efforts in ministry. We could not do this alone and we value and appreciate you very much.

With love,

Jordanna, fam & team

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