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2023: October

Greetings Supporters, prayer warriors, family & friends,

We pray this season is bringing you great joy. We are excited to bundle up in our goodwill coats and gloves soon to spend some time in the States in just a few weeks! Our children are praying they will get to see snow, along with several meals at Chic Fila and a few visits to Target. Jordanna is excited for everything pumpkin spice and time with family.

Our church in Jaco hosted another youth camp in the mountains for two nights and we were able to send one of our students, Merary, as a leader and translator. We have been very proud of her strength and boldness to step up and out in her faith. She is in her second year of studying to become a computer programmer via an online university. Continue to pray for her and others who have graduated high school, that they will continue to pursue God and a strong education.

Our teen boys group is doing well, in their third weekly session this season of reading through The Purpose Driven Life, written by Rick Warren. Cristian Gonzalez continues to prove to be an excellent leader for our boys group. He is thankful also to the many past mission team members who stepped up and supported his financial need to run in the Panama Marathon next month. His dedication to his studies, God’s word and his races is a great example for our boys. Cristian is in the middle of his pursuit of becoming a licensed PE Teacher. Please continue to pray for the impact of his influence on this next generation of young men from Herradura.

We have ministered to several girls, moms and teens in our community and rarely does the impact reach the father of the household, but we are so delighted to share that Merary and Amanda’s father, Esteban made the decision this month to walk the waters of baptism, making his faith in Christ a public display for all. Esteban works for the local police department, remains diligent to the tasks at work and at home, but also has served alongside a few mission teams. The men of those teams have made a great impact on his faith. We celebrate with you, those who have met him and have demonstrated the greatest love of all to him. Thank you!

Construction Update

The land preparation and security wall work is underway with the back security/retaining wall completed. We are blessed to have such a dynamic team of workers, engineers and friends helping us along in this journey. We are hopeful in the next newsletter you will see the completed project. Very soon we will have a fully secured property safe from landslides, floods and hopefully Lord willing intruders. We have installed cameras, flood lights and plan to get an outdoor guard dog for Christmas. The children are excited to finally get to have a pet!

We are working with our engineer Dany to draw up the final plans for the multiuso (Multi purpose outdoor pavilion) and swimming pool for the property. We will launch an end of year update video soon with more information. Please be in prayer for what the Lord will do in 2024 with this half acre of land in the heart of Herradura. We still stand in awe at all the Lord is doing. Thank you for playing such a large part.

Prayer Requests

Be in prayer for Israel. What a sad time for this part of the world. Jordanna and Pepper had hoped to travel there in December to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, but have had to postpone their endeavors. Our hearts are breaking for what is happening in Israel. Jordanna will still fly to Virginia with the children as planned. They will celebrate her mom’s 75th birthday as well as Thanksgiving with family.

Be in prayer specifically on Nov 20th as Jordanna flies alone with both children. Her fatigue is still a struggle health wise. Continued prayers for her swift healing are welcome. Jordanna will speak at Pepper’s grandmother’s church in Hampton the Sunday after Thanksgiving and then plans to enjoy some rest in Tappahannock and Waynesboro, Virginia with family. Marth Ailor passed away the year Windsor was born in 2018 but has left a grand legacy of women and families who still meet together to read God’s word and prayer. The Martha Ailor Circle is so kind to invite us to spend the weekend in Hampton, VA and we are delighted to share about what the Lord is doing in Herradura. They will return to Costa Rica Dec. 19th. Pepper will spend the month working on various projects in their new home. Prayers for projects to go swiftly as possible.

Be in prayer for upcoming teams coming to serve in January, March and May. More details to come as the team’s plans unfold Pray for unity among the teams and great impact here on the ground. Pray that Jordanna’s health and energy continues on an upward swing for complete and restored health in working alongside these teams.

Be in prayer for several girls from our program who are starting their first jobs as nannies. Pray they can remain committed and confident in their work.

Be in prayer for all our students and families as they continue to pursue God, dignified work opportunities and family values.

Be in prayer for Pepper’s November mission team coming Nov 28th of several veterans and their wives coming to work within the nearby impoverished area called the Parcellas. They will partner with Horizon Church and various NOW Costa Rica translators and support teams.

Of course always be in prayer for our children. Life in the mission field has its pros and cons. Windsor is doing well in Kindergarten and River is slowly adjusting to the demands of third grade. Both children are bilingual and eager to serve. They miss their grandparents and cousins and are very excited to get a season of respite and family time during the holidays. Please be in prayer as they navigate their identities living in a land other than their parents’, dealing with things like loud music at night, adjusting septic smells, and beggars on the street in front of our home. We know God called us specifically to this area and we are believing that He will use them just as much as us in this ministry.

If you or your church would like to schedule a visit with Jordanna for the summer of 2024, please send an email to The family plans to spend 8-10 weeks in the Virginia area raising support for continued construction needs. We know everything is in the Lord’s timing but perhaps He is calling you to be a bigger part. Our supporters truly do help us empower young people to combat the lure of the sex trade. We are seeing lives changed because of you.

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