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2023: December

The Ailors send greetings to you this day, the last day of 2023.  We pray this year brings you great peace no matter what the year’s end brings, and that you too, can rest in the hope Christ alone provides.  We truly enjoyed our month-long visit to Virginia.  While we had plans to drop the children off with grandparents and head to Israel, God had other plans for our time and it seemed to be just what we needed.  Of course we continue to pray for all in Israel that peace will come swiftly.  Pepper remained back in Costa Rica to host a mission team from Freedom Alliance who built a shelter within the middle of the shanti town area.  It was a fruitful week for the team and the community and we are thankful the Lord could use Pepper in this way.

Pepper continued to work on final projects for our home while in Costa Rica.  We are so thankful that through his work with Freedom Alliance and his photography business, we were able to buy a portion of the land and build our own home.  We end this year with hearts of gratitude to say we are homeowners in Costa Rica now, and we can oversee future projects on the ministry land, just adjacent to our home.

Jordanna and the kids got to celebrate her mother’s 75th birthday and thanksgiving with family.  They saw snow, the nutcracker and spent time with many friends.

Windsor got to meet Ana & Elsa, played at the beach in winter coats and the kids loved taking pictures with Santa.

We were delighted to be reunited with Pepper Dec 19th after a smooth travel day returning back to Costa Rica.  Thanks to everyone who prayed for our journey.  We felt refreshed and had several divine appointments.  The Lord is doing a big work in the hearts of our children and communities, both in Tappahannock and Herradura.  We eased back into ministry life and celebrated the birth of Jesus with church friends on the beach.  Each year we build a Snowman out of sand and watch the sunset on Christmas Day.  It’s been a fun family tradition and we look forward to year number 5 next year!  Time is going by very fast.

We also welcomed on Christmas Eve two new members of our family, Dallas the dog and Sneakers the cat.  The children are thrilled to finally have their own pets.

To close out the year, we had a team meeting with our upcoming NOW Costa Rica teaching staff.  Please be in prayer for these leaders the Lord has raised up over these past few years, that they will continue to be wonderful teachers, mentors, drivers and teaching assistants in the new year.

Sofia - Lead Girls Teacher

Cristian - Lead Boys Teacher

Merary - Teaching Assistant

Doneira - Teaching Assistant

Averia - Volleyball Ministry

Levis - Driver

The boys will be embarking upon a study using John Eldredge’s’ “Wild At Heart” while the older girls deepen their understanding of the Gospel of John.  The older girls will also be working to improve their written and spoken English.  The younger girls will start their series by Shannon Ethridge, “Every Young Woman’s Battle” learning about their bodies and how to live a Christ centered lifestyle.  Thank you for praying for our leaders and our students over the upcoming year.  We are also welcoming a mission team in one of our neighborhoods, Agueros from Pennsylvania January 18 & 19.  Be in prayer that the outreach is successful and more students can enroll in our classes because of this team.

As we conclude this year, we stand in awe of all the Lord is doing.  We see big things continuing to happen.  We pray the Lord makes His ways clear for our Multiuso/Sports Facility, our educational center and our swimming pool.  Many of our students don’t know how to swim.  We want to make this property a place of joy, refuge and learning.  Thanks for helping change the lives of these young people through the gospel.  Will you commit to praying with us in 2024 for those plans to unfold according to the Lord’s timing?  We cherish your commitment to prayer.  It is what sustains us.  Several of you message me to tell me right when you are praying for us.  Thank you.  It truly gives us motivation.  May God bring you peace, joy, love and contentment this season.  May His will be done in your lives and communities where you are at this moment.  Thank you for caring about this community.  Blessings!

Jordanna, fam & Team

PS - while driving into Jaco now, folks can see the beloved Brooke Dunn, our previous intern smiling with a book in hand as she taught our missionary and expat kids at church.  How interesting the location of the sign and an ever present reminder of why we need to do the work we are doing.  We miss you Brooke!

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