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2022: June

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

It's 4th of July weekend and I am resting in a bed of gratitude, seeing all that the Lord is doing for our family in the U.S. and for the ministry of women, girls and families of Herradura. We have just 9 days remaining and our goodbyes are starting but the month of June has been a prosperous one, filled with great memories and fundraisers for the ministry.

Early June, nana rang the bell! She is cancer free and we are so proud of her perseverance. Sixteen straight days of radiation, several series of tests and two surgeries later, we are happy she is on the road to recovery. We will miss her but we are delighted to have her bring a mission team from Beale Memorial of 6 women ready to serve in October.

The children have been so blessed to have experienced a true American summer. Windsor got to celebrate with her slightly older preschool mates who graduated and prepared for kindergarten. She has made great friends, been on several field trips and grown very close to her teachers. Here she can be seen after her end-of-year program on the front row, very far right.

River has been involved in a wonderful ball team coached by Harold Mazingo. They won their championship game and River got the final out of the ball game. He learned valuable skills like how to be part of team, how to recover from a strike out and how to demonstrate good sportsmanship after a win. We are very thankful for small town living during this season.

Pepper was able to join us for a family vacation for a few days in Williamsburg. We were so delighted to be with cousins and enjoy a time of rest and fun together. God is so good.

Mid June launched our fundraising season. We have seen great success from several speaking events, luncheons and fundraisers. We personally want to thank members of Beale Memorial Baptist Church, Howerton's Baptist Church, Smyrna Christian Church, Staunton First Church of God, Women's Connect Ministry, Parkway Church Mt. Zion Baptist & Manassas Baptist Church. We are standing in awe at all the great things God is doing and celebrate a successful fundraising season thus far. If you are in the Northern Virginia Area please consider joining us for one last fundraiser Sunday July 10th at 12:30 at Manassas Baptist Church. We know these efforts take such commitment. One spaghetti dinner fundraiser these ladies below organized raised over $3,500. What a great commitment for the Kingdom!

We ask for your prayers for the following:

July 12th flight back to Costa Rica. - for a successful transition back to life on mission, well integrated into the community and language once again. A special prayer for our first ever year long intern, Brooke Dunn who has made the decision to come alongside us this season.

Our pursuit of Land - We are praying very seriously about the purchase of a quarter to half acre of land in a very ideal location in Herradura. Please pray that steps are easy and clear and that we remain in God's will for our work.

For our teachers Jenna, Cristian, Sofia and other especially as they continue to connect with teens, raise support of their own and partner in creating the first ever NOW Costa Rica Staff Retreat happening July 31st - August 1st. Please pray for team unity, direction and joy.

Teams are mobilizing to pray in the Tappahannock and surrounding area communities. If you would like to join a prayer group or interest meeting to support the efforts for the NOW COSTA Rica educational center let us know! Women's Monthly Prayer Group - Tappahannock Barnabas Team: Led by Jami Carneal: Last Saturday of each month beginning in August. Open invitation. Come join in prayer. Mens and Pastor's Construction Crew Prayer group - Wednesday evenings at Beale led by Andrew & Beth Sloane: - First meeting is this Wednesday July 6th at 6pm. Open invitation - come join in prayer.

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