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2022: February

This month has blown by and as the world continues to open up from the pandemic and as we continue to see global persecution and suffering, I pray that you and your family have the peace that surpasses all understanding in Christ. What an honor it has been in a world full of struggle to show others this peace. We have had the privilege of walking alongside 4 boys even more significantly this season, as we have brought on board Cristian, a 23-year-old leader in our church to disciple fourteen boys in Herradura. Here is a picture of the crew with their new bibles and their first study “Every Young Man’s Battle”. They have been meeting every Saturday in the home of one of the NOW Costa Rica moms. She’s an aunt to one of the boys and has graciously offered her porch for the study. We know the Lord is empowering this next generation and we’re happy to witness such amazing growth. Please be in prayer for Dani, Carlos, Winston & Lene as they learn through these resources and their leader Cristian.

One of the girls in our group from last year felt led to invite 7 other girls in her neighborhood to embark upon a new season of bible study and English language learning. Doneira enjoyed her last two studies so much in our home that we are now meeting in her neighborhood church with these girls ages 13-18. Please be in prayer for these girls who are living in Cristo Rey, mostly girls from Nicaraguan families in a part of town that sees a lot of violence, drugs and prostitution. Their testimonies each week amaze us and remind us why we are doing the work we are doing. It is our hope that through these teens we can make an impact in spreading the gospel message of hope and that less and less teens will enter the sex tourism industry.








River and Windsor are doing well in their morning nursery school. We celebrate that River is now fluent in Spanish and often translates for others. His servant heart is on fire for helping people navigate language barriers and we are excited to see what God has in store for his future. Windsor has adjusted, with the help of her brother, to attending nursery school. She is just beginning to use a few key phrases in Spanish. Please continue to pray for our whole family as we become more and more comfortable navigating language and culture here. River is thriving in 1st grade home school, another answered prayer!

This season we are working hard to establish protocols and procedures for mission teams and groups in the future. We have been learning a lot about protecting the resources, funds and people we host and serve. Please be in prayer as we continue to formalize processes that protect us in the pursuit of buying land, traveling with mission teams, hosting mission teams and more. God has placed us in a unique part of the world with a unique mission and we are using this season to remain deep in prayer about how He wants 2023 to unfold.

We are very close to the purchase of land in Herradura. We covet your prayers as we make final decisions in exact location and timing. We are also praying about our summer trip back to the States in June and the hosting of several mission teams. Please pray during these months about these events:

May – Beale Memorial Baptist Church Women’s Mission Team

June/July – Ailor family visit back to US

Churches hosting fundraisers/talks/lunches

- 06/25 Beale Memorial Baptist Church Women’s Conference Team

- 06/12 Smyrna Christian Church

- 06/22 Staunton First Church of God

- 07/10 Manassas Baptist Church

August – Ricker Family Mission Team

September- Howerton’s Baptist Church Vision Team

We know God is at work globally and locally. We pray that you are currently involved in eternally impactful work. We invite you to consider sharing with others our vision for a NOW Costa Rica Educational Center. Perhaps you or others you know would like to come alongside us to help ensure resources are established in empowering this next generation.

May God bless you, give you peace and equip you for great works this season.

~Jordanna, fam & team

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